HURRAH for motivation and engagement 

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Buy a DVD for internal training and have a DVD player thrown in for FREE

FISH! means everything to the team

When you buy or rent a DVD you get a free DVD player. It is easy to connect to your PC or MAC. Now you can show the film via projector or TV.

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Nyt kursus for ledere i Strategisk Motivation

Kill two birds with one stone

You need training for your leaders in motivating groups of employees. You may not have a clear understanding of 'motivation’ and ’engagement’. You may not have a manager of motivation on your team yet. You may not measure employees engagement daily.

Lets meet with you and your CEO or HR director and let us explain our new training course in Strategic Group Motivation. Call us on +45 28 55 95 79 to set a time. You can read about this right HERE

HAPPYorNOT feedback from customers and employees

Ask your customers and employees every day.

With HappyOrNot you will receive an index telling you how satisfied clients and employees were yesterday. Now your strategy can be aimed for higher kpi. 

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