We deliver active pauses with ease

We give everybody energy, moist eyes and hot cheeks. 

Michael Meinhardt og Mette Berner, MOVING YOU MOTIVATION

When you want to create

  • Everyone's desire to attend the meeting
  • Everyone's belief that the meeting is useful
  • Everyone's willingness to contribute to the meeting and help each other
  • Everyone's appreciation for everyone's efforts in the meeting

We have a long and solid experience in understanding the context, standing before your group, involving everyone and reaching a valuable result.

We are able to introduce you to

The desire to participate in the meeting: It is vital to have the right kick-off, so that everyone is synchronized and have a common ground and wants to participate with each other.

The belief that the meeting is useful: Why is this good? What does that mean? What is the connection with other parts of the company? What is the link to the big picture?

The will to contribute to the meeting and to help each other: What questions do we have that are important so that we can succeed? What kind of help do we need? How can we back each other up?

Appreciate everyone's efforts in the meeting: The break that rounds it all up, the moment where everyone appreciates everyone for the day's efforts and expresses the pride and joy of what we have shared.

In relation to your program, where do you find it important to include an active meeting break? We will help you to find what works best in your meeting, so your meeting becomes a success.