Blog: How can half a question be the new gasoline to your team conversations

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Blog: Networking Cards: This calls for half a question


‘The way we talk about our job, creates what we think and do on the job.’ Your networking meeting is tomorrow: This calls for half a question There´s always room for dialogue.

When you dig deeper into the case in hand and into your fellow coworker, you develop your company and yourself.

Why questions?

Well, you ask questions and you are asked questions all day long: Are you well? Have you had a good night’s sleep? What time is it?

Questions that can be answered YES or NO or 5 minutes to 9.

But how about some questions with more content?

How about some questions that invites to more meaning and learning?

How about some questions that involves the other person?

How about some questions that involves the interviewer?

How about some questions that dig deeper?

How about an infinite question?


Let’s play with one: What has the best … you have met, taught you about … ? T

he INFINITE effect If you have ever watched Monty Python Flying Circus on television you have spotted what infinity do.
Only one or two skits from the Monty Python TV shows have had punch lines. All the rest have disturbed you, paused you, tickled you and inspired you.
That’s what something unfinished does to you. It invites you and it involves you. If Monty Python had build punch lines into every joke, skit or sequence it would have looked like any other comedy show.
You might think: What happened to the dead parrot, the customer and the vet-dealer? Hmm, you tell me. Your guess is as good as mine. Monty Python is not ready made and digestible. They provoke you to take a position. It’s demanding and involving. Situation and relationship In order to invite and involve both parties in a question, we found, that half a question would do the trick.

Back to the infinite question: ’What has the best … you have met, taught you about … ?’
Two times 3 dots have been placed in the question. This means that you, your colleague, your fellow networkers or your coach can pick and place words relevant to the situation and to the relationship.
When the question is completed and forwarded it might sound like: What has the best CHECK-OUT COUNTER PERSON you have met, taught you about EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE?
As the infinite question is being completed, both participants get involved. An interest in the answer is created. The question might also sound like: What has the best DOCTOR you have met, taught you about REASONABLE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR?

When colleagues are attentive to each other’s situation the question might sound like: What has the best TEACHER you have met, taught you about FACILITATION? We have tested these infinite questions in a large number of meetings, workshops, training courses and coaching sessions.

What we experience is participants getting involved on a higher level.

When we use the questions we always add a method. So we always use them in a structured way and we tell them how to use them first. And then the dialogue is up and running. We have created more than 30 structured methods.

As generic tools we designed 4 different editions:



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