Bring out the best in men and women: Talking 9 to 5

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Bring out the best in men and women

Talkiing 9 to 5: DVD 30 minutes with english narration. Leaders Guide included.

When women and men are talking 
Try to imagine how difficult it would be if you were speaking a different language from your colleagues or employees. Well, you do already. Women and men have different communication styles.

'Talking 9 to 5' shows how women and men have grown up in two worlds and have learned different conversation rituals in their play with other children. When we, over a lifetime, have not agreed on these rituals, then we take them literally and misunderstand each other's intentions and capabilities. When misunderstandings persist over time, we are all deeply frustrated. It inhibits efficiency. It inhibits the company.

This film contains authentic examples of communication styles, how they work and how styles of women and men are different. With this insight we can all get a better grip on our job life.

All tasks and processes on the job involves conversation and communication. Both in order to perform daily tasks and to grow the business. It is also important to us that we are able to forward new ideas and at the same time understand the contributions of others.

When it comes to quality
We often meet about quality. With the various communication styles it is a risk that important ideas are not heard. The ones that don't get heard will check out and is no longer involved.

When it comes to leadership style
Managers have to get the best out of employees. Since every employee reacts differently to the same message the leader must understand to adapt its communication style and her listening style.

When it comes to team
Many find it agreeable to work in team. Some have difficulty in it. To understand communication styles makes it effective for everyone.

When it comes to change
The companies that act on changing the forefront will find strength in diversity and see the benefits of the increasing number of communication styles.


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