Anyone for happy tasks?

Card Job satisfaction: 46 task cards that creates job on an ordinary weekday. Simple instructions included.

Each card contains a fun, simple and meaningful task that an employee must perform, such as:

Go a round with the coffee pot and hear about colleagues need a refill.

Say a new phone message where your voice sounds really happy.

Ask a newly recruited colleague how it goes on the job.

Several of the tasks is about sharing ideas and thoughts. Therefore, starting in creating an exhibition platform from where you can exchange your answers to the tasks.


How about a game of HAPPY MISSION?

Happy Mission: 46 assignments that creates joy in the workplace on an ordinary, rainy and windy everyday full of budgets, e-mails and telephones.

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Producenten bag værktøjet 20/12/2011

Patricia Kjerulf fra Projekt Arbejdsglæde siger: \"Vejen til arbejdsglæde behøver ikke at være en lang og tung proces. Kort til arbejdsglæden er et spil I spiller sammen i afdelingen, og som hjælper til at arbejde med - og synliggøre - arbejdsglæden. Spil det en uges tid eller to i din afdeling, din projektgruppe eller dit team. Brug Kort til arbejdsglæden – så er der ikke langt igen :o)\".

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