What makes YOU and your team happy?

The Work Joy Game includes dice, gameboard, quiz cards, work task cards, hourglass, handouts and a playing guide. Watch the video above and learn how to play the game.

Fun, entertaining and instructive
The game simulates a working day, where participants will try to deliver all their duties and create job satisfaction for themselves and for their colleagues, while constantly interference occurs - just as in real life. The game is fun, entertaining and educational. It is very simple to play and can be played again and again.

How to play the game?
The game is played by 4-8 players. Playing time is about 2 hours. You play for 1½ hours and then uses the ½ hour to pick up on the experience and plan further actions. Participants are in control of the process, so an external leader is not required, but may be an advantage for the flow of the game.

Whats in it for the participants 
• They discover what work joy is to them self and to their colleagues 
• They learn what they can do to create more job satisfaction
• Participants receive a lively and positive dialogue about job satisfaction
• Participants learn how to turn bad experiences into good
• Participants formulate their own personal action plan for job satisfaction.


The Work JOY game

Play The Work JOY game: Learn what makes you and your team mates happy. Everyone in the team really learn what joy is to the individual. And joyful teams produces more.

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