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IDEKU MAX tablet size 70 X 114 cm. Material: Synisol plastic material. Post-Its and a IDEKU leaders guide are included.

Tablet for generating ideas with your team
The tablet invites participants into the process of unfolding situation with concrete ideas and actions. The tablet is brilliant for much more than ideas. It can be used for the minutes, the problem formulation, stakeholder analysis and much more.

Magnets make it easy to mount the tablet.

The IDEKU tablet is build up with a violet center area in which your topic or problem is placed. From here you articulate the 8 colored fields that indicates directions. The 64 white fields are reserved ideas.

An IDEKU example
In the film above you can watch a way to use IDEKU. We filmed the exercise in a Train the Trainer workshop when we examined the topic of INVITATION.


IDEKU MAX tablet

IDEKU MAX tablet size 70 X 114 cm for magnetic mounting. Use it for team ideas in your meeting room. Formulate your topic right in the middle. Surround it by 8 directions. Move these 8 and repeat. Systemize all your ideas with the IDEKU form.

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