Keep FISH! alive with FISH! Mindtrigger

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Welcome new habits

This is an online product and requires no shipping. FISH! Mindtrigger is delivered in English language and can be used by individuals and groups of people in your company.

If you wish more employees to receive FISH! Mindtrigger please call us +45 28 559 579. 

FISH! Mindtrigger builds on the four FISH! principles
You will receive 25 emails, which makes you aware of the behavior you want to have.
FISH! Mindtrigger forms a new habits and keeps the good habits that you already have and would like to develop.
FISH! Mindtrigger is based on the research that says it takes 21 days to break an old habit and acquire a new one.

You choose to receive your FISH! Mindtrigger daily or every 3 days.

Each Mind Trigger contains
1 filmclip, an audio clip or a quote from the FISH! film.
2 to 3 questions relating to the FISH! principles and to your everyday life.
1 assignment or tips to help you getting new actions going immediately.

Each FISH! Mindtrigger has a duration between 3 and 6 minutes. You will receive your FISH! Mindtrigger in your mall-box. It can be used on a computer, a phone or a tablet.

You will have access to your personal diary where you can retrace the Mindtriggers that you have implemented and read the answers that you have written.

To you: You put the behaviors you want in focus and you will be helped to 'play' with your behavior. It is simple and effective steps that constantly takes you into the mindset that you want.

To your group: You will get an opportunity and a permission to speak about the behavior you want in your team for example, the service you want to offer your 'customers'.

Do you want to book for your team?
Try it: Contact us at and type that you would like to try Mindtrigger completely optional. You will then receive a link where you subsequently get the first 5 Mindtriggers in your mail. Now you can assess whether you want to proceed with your order.



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