Let the joy start in your back room

Pick 3 FISH! books with inspiration to you and your team.

The simple stories that provide ideas for an appreciative culture and a great teamwork.

FISH! the book: The story that has inspired thousands of people worldwide.

FISH! STICKS the book: How to make change stick.

CATCH! the book: Read the fishmongers own story: 'Who are we, when we do what we do'.

Let the books take a round in your team. Give them a special and a prominent place in your lunch room, at the front desk or in the meeting room. Talk about them and act on the ideas. The books can, in their own way, transform your company, create extraordinary results and lots of fun in addition.


PACK Offer: 3 FISH! books in a bundle

Become a fan of FISH! with three FISH! books in a range. When 12 fishmongers can become extraordinary your team can too.

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