A great new school year STARTS with a great culture

FISH! FOR SCHOOLS offers tools that excite school staff, strengthen relationships with students and provide the basis for a respectful and focused classroom.


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Welcome back to the reason you became an educator.

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Look and try FISH! BE THERE, FISH! PLAY and FISH! ATTITUDES. This peptalk includes the showing of the world-famous film about the extraordinary fishmongers.

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Use FISH! for your own behavior, the team behavior and in your training technique, it is on this training course that you get shoals of tips and ideas on how to go about it.

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Create a strong company culture: Exclusively to every FISH! film owner: The FISH! film is like a deck of cards with an infinite number of 'playing' methods. Here is a free booklet containing 30 billion different workshops.

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FISH! filosofien er ikke endnu en opgave, som lærerne nu også skal udføre. FISH! handler om måden vi gør det vi allerede gør. FISH! er en invitation. Den nemmeste måde, at få liv i FISH! i klasseværelset er at tilbyde det og tillade dem der ønsker at deltage, at være med.

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The FISH! Philosophy is the foundation of students and teachers character education and positive behavior program. It helps them to build social skills that they all can use for the rest of their lives.

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Every school year, the average teacher loses 400 hours of instructional time dealing with behavior issues. The FISH! For Schools Classroom Experience helps you regain that precious time.

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Feedback for groups of managers, colleagues, customers and everybody else. Why is it so damn delicious to give and receive feedback? Here's the simplest tool for a good round of feedback. 1 handout including 4 lines.

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Set a goal for your FISH! level in the classroom. The poster makes it clear and you can easily erase and write new goals. The pack includes 4 posters. The poster is in English and is therefore suitable also for English lessons.

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