Plug and play. And you dont have to plug.

Order your own Box Set of 7 different communication games. This is internal development in your own hands. The Box Set includes:

  1. The Quotations Game: What do I mean?
  2. The Values Game: What is valuable to me?
  3. The Feelings Game: What do I feel?
  4. The Feedback Game: Who am I?
  5. The Leadership Game: What kind of a leader do I want to be?
  6. Getting Acquainted: Who are we?
  7. The Learning Game: How do I learn?

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BOX Set with 7 Communication Games

Order your own Box Set of 7 Communication Games: The Quotations Game, The Values Game, The Feelings Game, The Feedback Game, The Leadership Game, Getting Acquainted and The Learning Game.

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