As a leader you can involve the entire team through conversation. When you need everyone to follow you or say yes you have to create a WE feeling and not a ME feeling. These 8 tools brings everyone to WE.

  • Team dialogue
  • Business dialogue
  • Confidence dialogue
  • Internal communication dialogue
  • 'Know Me' dialogue
  • 'Know What You Value' dialogue
  • Conflict dialogue
  • Picture Card dialogue

The Active Pack for the Leader with 8 tools: DKK 2.475. Normal price DKK 2.972,60. 

Use the tools for 

DEBRIEFING: Conversations where one or more team members tell about their experiences. What have we done? What are we going to do? How did it end? 

SIDE-BY-SIDE-SHARING: Two team members relate to the issue. What does this mean to you and to me, the team, the company, our clients and to the share holders? 

REFLECTION: This is what I see. This is how I feel, think and believe. 

WHAT-DO-WE-SEE: Let us discuss facts and stands. How much? How often? 

REVIEWING: To learn from experience and making more out of work, life and everything in between. 

FEEDBACK AND FEEDFORWARD: Facts from the past. Told today. For use in the future. 

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Say it when you see it. Without you it would not work.


Active pack for leaders: From ME to WE

Active learning: Involve everyone on your team and exchange the feeling of ME, ME, ME to WE, WE, WE. These 8 valuable tools brings every individual from ME to WE. 

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