Get what you measure: HappyOrNot ® Brief Encounters

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Get what you measure 

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Download 2 pdf files
The one pdf file contains 93 questions. The second pdf file contains 66 questions. You will receive both files in your mail box. Then you can save and print as needed. With these questions you are able to involve your employees and yourself in the feedback you get from customers.

The questions will jumpstart your meetings with HappyOrNot customer feedback. Use the questions and the exercises here as a start, as an icebreaker or a vital dialogue in your management meetings or in your coaching sessions.

The one pdf file: 93 Brief HappyOrNot Encounters
Ask your participants to hit the floor and say: 'We all need to warm up. This exercise is a nice way to warm up and listen to our own voices.'

Talk in pairs
Hand out one card to every participant. Ask them to pair up and to forward their questions to their partner. Now its time for listening for 45 to 60 seconds. Then it is the partner's turn to ask and listen. When both partners have asked and listened they must exchange cards and seek a new brief encounter, actively waving their card in the air.

Many conversations in a short time
In this way your participants have talked to a lot of colleagues in the shortest possible time. When everyone has spoken to 5 - 7 different colleagues you can deliver a stop signal. Now ask:

What did you notice about these question?
What did you also notice about these questions?
Describe your partner's body language while she or he replied.
How did your partner react in general?
What do you remember the most: Your own answer or the response from your partner?

You are the moderator
As the chairperson, it is you who decides which and how many questions you will come up with after the exercise. You can provide a kind of conclusion to round up the exercise: The question you ask determines the answer you get.

Ask your participants: What is right and wrong with this statement?

The 93 questions can be used in four ways
3-15: Why do we need feedback from our customers?
16-37: When we talk about the HappyOrNot reports.
38-45: What do we say to customers about the reports?
46-95: Relevant to the manager.

The second pdf file: The manager's 66 questions
Print out 1 set for each manager. Use the questions openly, as singles or in sheets for individual reflection or conversation in pairs. Make sure that you have a talk about the individual notes. HappyOrNot customer feedback is primarily a management decision. Next HappyOrNot is a matter for all employees.

We wish you many valuable brief encounters about the value of your customers' feedback, your reactions to customer feedback and the actions you agree.


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