HappyOrNot ® SMALL Pack: The Customer is the KING

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Make your customer your king - in a jiffy

Set up a HappyOrNot feedback terminal in your customer area and make your CUSTOMER A KING in a jiffy. Customers are now able to to evaluate their service experience and to click a smiley button. We provide you with 3 mini-courses so everyone on your team - as soon as possible - will be able to deliver extraordinary service.

3 mini-courses of 90 minutes
The first mini-course: A little extra from the salesperson (for the entire team)
The second mini-course: What you measure is what gets done (for the whole team)
The third mini-course: The practical team leader (for the team leader)

Get quick feedback
Ongoing feedback encourages employees and helps them to maintain a high level of service and therefore high customer satisfaction. Management may follow when the company's promise of good service is met in all departments.

The effect of HappyOrNot

For employees
HappyOrNot boosts the morale of the team and provides a joint success.
HappyOrNot makes the job more satisfying with an ongoing feedback.

For customers
HappyOrNot gives a clear signal that your company cares about their customers.
HappyOrNot makes the customers day because they now have the opportunity to express their opinion.

For the management team
HappyOrNot assists in implementing the measurable customer-oriented and ensures a high rate of success.
HappyOrNot helps to ensure that what company promises will be kept.
HappyOrNot increases the local accountability.

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