The Alphabet Game

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Let the alphabet control the flow of speech

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58 dialogue cards that you download, save and print. When printing, you can ask for '4 Pages. Sheet ', and then cutting the cards from each other.

Using Visions alphabet
How can you involve your participants, employees and the management colleagues. Use the exercise here as a starter or as an icebreaker.

First select a focus area, for example,
The fund values
3 personal approaches
3 Effective attack techniques
Ideas for delicious meetings we all want to go to

Spread all 58 letter cards (2 alphabets) on the floor face down. Bed now your participants to pick 3 random maps. Then choose whether your participants will meet standing on the floor or sitting at the meeting table.

Standing alphabet meetings
Ask your participants to get together in pairs and take turns telling each other about their proposals with the card's letter as initial. If the focus area for example is 'Ideas for delicious meetings' and I have collected A, K and Z up, I want to say: All meetings on time !, Short post! and Openness on all shelves, thanks!

When both told and listened partners must exchange cards and go to a new meeting and, since they are actively fanning the cards in the air. Let all sample 3-4 above meetings.

Sitting alphabet meetings
Same procedure as for standing meetings, however you sit 3 participants together and go through all 9 character cards.

Now ask your participants
What idea was the best you heard? (Write them on the flip chart or whiteboard)
Ask this question several times!
What was the most peculiar you heard?
Ask this question several times!

As a moderator or facilitator it is you who decides which and how many questions there is value in quiet after exercise. Your participants will say interesting things that can be very valuable to note and use afterwards.


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