Discovering The Future: PARADIGMS 3 PACK

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Meet Joel Barker

Discovering the Future: Paradigms: Here are the sources of inspiration for vision work. Futurist Joel Barker has done the buffet ready with paradigms, paradigm pioneers, paradigm-law and a cornucopia of vision.

Vision without action is just a dream
Action without vision is pastime
Vision with action can change the world.
Joel Barker

The DVD contains 3 films
The Business of Paradigms (38 min.)
Paradigm Pioneers (32 min.)
Paradigm Principles (37 min.)
Plus Leaders Guide for each title.

The Business of Paradigms
Once thought mankind that the earth was flat. Now we know the earth is round. Or rather, we walked around and thought that it was round. In fact, the ground's not perfectly round, but a little pressure at the poles and somewhat thicker at the equator.
In this way we see our world through our paradigms through our laws and regulations. These paradigms filter constant reality.
Futurist Joel Barker takes you around the world and provides powerful examples of inspiration for businesses, industries and individuals. See new possibilities and see opportunities you have not seen before. There are always other solutions. There is always a door to the future.
When we understand how paradigms affect our perception of the world around us, we can begin to understand why we are not in possession of all the important data that will shape the future. Once we realize this, we can actively correct for this blindness.

Paradigm Pioneers
The business world was once like in the Wild West. When the pioneers had trampled new track, came the settlers and shouted: Are there safe now? As people shouted YES materialize settlers and enjoyed the opportunities that the risk pioneers had discovered them.
Joel Barker points out that the 21st century settlers will be in the highest risk zone. The settlers will still ask whether there is safe. But pioneers will now answer: Yes, yes, but there's nothing left for you.
You do not need to be the pioneer to create your industry next paradigm shift. Do you know how to spot new paradigms and have the necessary courage, intuition and perseverance.

Paradigm Principles
Extensive changes will completely change our way of doing business. It's just annoying that new paradigms emerge long before they are wanted or needed them. Usually we find them only when we are in the midst of crisis.
Paradigm Principles leads you from being aware of paradigms force to have the tools that work together with the force. Joel Barker explains how to determine when the next paradigm will come and how to spot them. Paradigm Principles is the ticket to the future.

Get help for your visions process
The manager or management that articulates the vision. We can help you make the vision so powerful, so positive, so inspiring, so extensive and elaborate as possible. And we can help with the crucial acceptance, synliggørelses- and supportive entry phase.


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