DVD 'Working Without a Script'

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Learn to say YES, AND ...

Working Without a Script: DVD 14 min. English text and narration. DVD also contains english leaders guide, english workbook, english Power Point and live recorded exercises.

What do your company and The Second City have in common? Yes, You both improvise every single day!

For more than 45 years, Second City Communications has been facilitating training. Their programme 'Working Without A Script' provides inspiration on how improvisation will help you to communicate better, putting together a stronger team and to create a positive working environment. As with an impro theater, the teamwork must be at the very top when the plan does not go as planned.

Every great communication starts with a YES, AND philosophy. YES, AND means that it welcomes new ideas and build on them. It stimulates openness and enables people to think spontaneously and take more chances.

Once the group or the company is committed to YES, AND philosophy all the best starts to happen.

The sections of the film contains information about the differences between NO, BUT and YES, AND. As a facilitator, you can use the formulated questions and thus initiate significant conversations. They will help you to assess how well your participants understand the material and are able to translate what they have learned.

This section contains information about additional messages:
Active listening.
Listen to understand, and not only to respond.
Confirm each other's ideas.
Acknowledge ideas, even if you disagree.
Build on the idea.
Contribute, so the idea is growing.


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