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Take the chance and move on

Training film: A Second Chance: DVD 4 min. English text and narration.

Three in one: The DVD contains three versions of the film: The original with images, text and music. A version with text, and finally a version, only with music. The DVD also includes access to download.

Robert Frost's film is based on a choice he made when he himself got A CHANCE TO just before he published his first poem 'The Road Not Taken'. The idea was to equip teachers and lecturers with a tool that could inspire other people to take chances and move on. The film features beautiful scenes from Vermont and Pacific Northwest. Here's some obvious applications for the film:

Use the film and material to inspire your attendees to new actions.

Use the film and material to motivate your participants to anticipate and handle setbacks.

Use the film and material to encourage your attendees to see change as an additional option.

Use the film and material to help your participants to take chances.

Use the film and material as a reminder to your participants never to give up.

More things you can use the film for 
Use the film as a meeting starter, a meeting closer, an icebreaker and as an amplifier of known messages.

Too many people go to the grave with the music still playing in their hearts.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

A Second Chance is a inspirational short program that reminds us that even when an opportunity may have passed us by, we can still create a second chance. This program is about finding hope, taking risks, and awakening new possibilities.

Key Concepts
Everyone Deserves A Second Chance   • The Road Not Taken   • Take A Risk   • Forget Regret   • Give Yourself A Second Chance


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