Have a Meeting TIME OUT: Round the table

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Meeting activity: Round table with film and handout

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A round table may be varied in many ways. Try to activate your team? Watch the film and distribute the handouts and ask your participants to write an idea in the first cloud. Then allow the handouts to circulate and repeat with more ideas. At the next meeting, you can choose a new round table based on these ideas.

When your participants are less prepared
The first time you introduce an exercise you can ask your participants to work together in pairs. 

When your participants are a networking group
A network often have a round table. You can ask them to talk in pairs. When A and B have spoken together about the first cloud, allow B and C to talk about the next cloud - and so forth.

When there is a need for a little physics
Ask your participants to stand up and come to the floor in pairs. The pairs must write ideas in both participants clouds. Once this is done, they both continue to new pairs.


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