Steppie blood circulation for your meetings

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One huge Steppie for mankind

Sit down and get sick or move and get healthy. Every officeworker knows that you have to stand up at the meeting table.

Steppie is DANISH DESIGN and MADE IN DENMARK. It measures 36 X 57 cm. The height is 2.5 to 5 cm.

You are on the safe side with Steppie
Steppie has been registered with the Board of Health, classified as 'Medical Device Class 1'. Steppie is also CE marked, as the only balance plate on the market. Beware of imitations.

Movement, thank you
Steppie makes it possible to work standing by the desk without significant movement. When you reach for something or is looking to the sides, the balance plate tips. This activates the inner, deep muscles that stabilizes the spine and ensure that you are in balance.

Movement is a natural thing
In addition to the movements that occur when you move you will intuitively stand and treadle slightly to the sides. It is quite natural to arrange for little movement when you have the chance, rather than being locked in a static position.

If you want your employees to move ...
Most meeting leaders want employees to move to new places at the meetings. If they are to move, try something new, it happens rarely in a chair at a conference table. Standing meetings with Steppie is the answer.

Steppie is a balance plate that 
Enables you that has a sedentary workday.
Makes your back stronger.
Makes it comfortable to stand for a long time.
Promotes blood circulation.
Burn more calories.
Provides more energy.

Steppie is as ingenious as it is simple
Steppie has a completely clean, simple design that fits in every meeting room and office environment. Unlike a traditional balance board with a ball, which requires great energy, concentration and balance. Anyone can, without preconditions, use the Steppie balance plate. The balance point is easy for the body to find and the plate tilts completely controlled.

Steppie works
You can stand for a long time.
Blood circulation is increased.
The concentration is improved.
The body's posture is natural.
You activate and train core muscles (the inner, deep muscles that support and balance the spine).
You activate the balance.
You activate ankles, knees and hip.
You burn energy = you lose weight.


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