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Get an overview of the different creative processes. Order the booklet 'Creative processes in practice'. Read about classical brainstorming, reverse brainstorming, brainwriting, mind relay race, open space, the elevator speech, photo safari, the sandbox, Scammperr, morphological analysis, dot writing and many more.

See the booklet 'Creative processes in practice' HERE



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Delegates tongues are loosened: Dialoogle is totally free of text. Only pictures, that inspire your delegates to talk. There are many different ways of playing the Dialoogle Game. Your participants can choose cards, swop cards, mix cards and receive cards.

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'Visual Innovation' is a fun, inspirational and effective shortcut to unique results in small and large organizations. With Visual Innovation concept of innovation is transformed from elusive wishful thinking to simple and creative processes that bring creativity into play and can lead to everything from small valuable improvements to large achievements.

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Learn to lead with ease: Learn the easy 7 step model and get commitment in return. Leadership training 4 days.

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Learn to overcome mental blocks and set your imagination free.

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Play your way to new ideas. This is a game of creativity. It can be played by you alone or by your team. That is fun.

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The deck of cards contain all elements in any given business model. You and your team chooses one card or more in each category and picks your prefered version. This game takes very little space. Just make sure that the sky is the limit.

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Make everyone talk. Offer your audience pictures and alow them to talk.

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IDEKU: Now it's fun and effective to collect many ideas. And now it's even systematized.


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IDEKU MAX tablet size 70 X 114 cm for magnetic mounting. Use it for team ideas in your meeting room. Formulate your topic right in the middle. Surround it by 8 directions. Move these 8 and repeat. Systemize all your ideas with the IDEKU form.

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Comes with a FREE DVD player for computer: Creativity allows you to consider it ordinary and spot the extraordinary.

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Never train without it! Suddenly your participants have to talk about IT in another way. So you better be prepared with a tool for dialogue and review.

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Play Interview BINGO on the job. Turn the serious topics into fun and involve everyone. This is conversation when its best.

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Play Creative UPTION game and ask each other questions in the team: Who created the best result in the industry? What would be a breakthrough? Which small step would help?

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The Creative Whack Pack with 64 shortcuts to new ways of thinking. This is a GIFT to your creative abilities. Play with it and you and your team will become more creative.

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A process flow is tailored to solve a specific task in your business. A process cycles have a duration of 2 to 12 months. In the period will include training days, workshops, meetings and coaching to ensure maximum benefit and implementation.

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