It is not a one-off to reflect on your own leadership style

Any change in your situation as a leader requires to reconsider your vision and if necessary make adjustments. Look for tools right here and choose for your self or with your group of leaders or with your team.

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Delegates tongues are loosened: Dialoogle is totally free of text. Only pictures, that inspire your delegates to talk. There are many different ways of playing the Dialoogle Game. Your participants can choose cards, swop cards, mix cards and receive cards.

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Make everyone talk. Offer your audience pictures and alow them to talk.

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Comes with a FREE DVD player for computer: Your most important management tool is not power, your achievements, your experience or your charisma. You are your own most important tool. You are the example.


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Become a good leader in a jiffy: Use this game's 75 components of leadership combined with 40 leader picture cards included.

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Define and refine the concept of LEADERSHIP in your current situation. This UPTION game creates both a permit, a healthy curiosity and an expansion of the horizon.

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How to lead more effectively through the power of your relationships. Start asking yourself: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his or her own personal growth?

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The best way a leader can invite employees is through his or her own behavior. Full stop.

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A process flow is tailored to solve a specific task in your business. A process cycles have a duration of 2 to 12 months. In the period will include training days, workshops, meetings and coaching to ensure maximum benefit and implementation.

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