You are in command of the first good impression

How To Connect in Businesss in 90 Seconds Or Less': DVD 17 minutes with danish subtitles.

This training film is funny and motivating and it will make your employees aware and attentive to create sincere and natural CONNECTION with the people they meet.

Both in business and in private life, the consequences of failed relationships are insurmountable, while the reward of a good first impression is immeasurable.

The film's messages
Choose the right attitude: Be friendly, enthusiastic, curious and helpful.
Send the right signals with face, body and voice.
Get the other to talk and keep talking.

When you order HOW TO CONNECT IN BUSINESS you will receive:
1 52-page electronic Leaders Guide
1 PowerPoint presentation


HOW TO CONNECT IN BUSINESS with Nicholas Boothman

Comes with a FREE DVD player for computer: Nicholas Boothman: 'If others like you, they see all the BEST. If others do not like you, they see all the WORST. '

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