Get professionel help for your training-plan

DKK 3.125,00
( DKK 2.500,00 )

Advice and development for your training plans

Get professional help with your training plan. How, when, how much? The price is per hour.

We help you find your own solution. 

What is the purpose of your training program?
What is the framework of your training program?
Who can be invited as a Resource Person?
Who can be external helpers?
What direction does the education process have?
What phases help the participants to get better?
What profile does the course manager have?
What does the ad for your training look like?
What should others say about the course?
What should the participants leave the room with?
What should the participants bring?
Who should attend?
What tools will help?
How should the rooms be arranged?
What is the education process called?
When will the education process be held?
Where can the education process be held?

Let's meet and find the answers to these and other questions.


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