The meaning of meetings

A meeting has many features that will never be replaced by phones, video conferencing and intelligent computers. Meetings are namely also a significant social function. Individuals need have to meet each other regularly. People seeks contact with people. Through this contact a common picture of reality is created. It helps the individual to find its function and meaning. Without meetings the individual's relationship with the company would be questionable.


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Throw a fish and watch how smiles spread. Pete the Perch is available in 4 colours. We call them Pete and they are all related to the perch.

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Comes with a FREE DVD player for computer: Use the training film 'A Second Chance': Too many people go to the grave with the music still playing in their hearts. Use this film when it is about one chance.

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NEW ROUND EDITION: Here's the complete box of yellow, orange and purple 'Infinite QUESTIONS'. When you spot that your team is desoriented - you hand out one or more infinites. Then they start learning to familiarize with the 'topic'. 

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The Networking Coordinator has a natural need to start a DEBRIEFING, a SIDE-BY-SIDE-SHARING, a REFLECTION, a WHAT-DO-WE-THINK, a REVIEWING. Networking participants are totally excited about the tools.

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Delegates tongues are loosened: Dialoogle is totally free of text. Only pictures, that inspire the delegates to talk. There are many different ways of playing the Dialoogle Game. All cards are coated, the are durable and can withstand wear.

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Play your way to new ideas. This is a game of creativity. It can be played by you alone or by your team. That is fun.

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Choose the attitude that will help you the most in a situation and in a relationship. Choose one of 50 different attitudes.

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Let the fingers do the walking: When your fingers have something to 'work' with you become a better listener. With a KOOSH ball your fingers get stimulated and you achieve a better concentration and better listening skills.

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Meeting attendees love BINDEEZ. The soft, flexible plastic can be shaped as you wish. And the shape remains intact.

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Invite all teammembers to praise on backs. This is the best of all exercises at all times. Written praise for 3 minutes. Wauw.

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IDEKU: Now it's fun and effective to collect many ideas. And now it's even systematized.


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Stream 1 or 5 film for 1 month. When you can. When you want. When you feel for it.

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Write with a fish-shaped FISH! pen on your job. Choose between colours orange, green, yellow or purple.

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IDEKU MAX tablet size 70 X 114 cm for magnetic mounting. Use it for team ideas in your meeting room. Formulate your topic right in the middle. Surround it by 8 directions. Move these 8 and repeat. Systemize all your ideas with the IDEKU form.

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Getting Acquainted: Boxed game with 56 colored cards. Get to know each other in an unexpected way. It is crucial to a team that needs to help each other, that needs to ask for help and that has to produce.

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Recognize and appreciative with beautiful certificates: The FISH! Certificates supports the four FISH! practices and comes in 5 different cool designs.

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SALE: Select the theme, agree on a 'battle plan' and hand out each participant one puzzle piece. Illustrate your company vision, mission, culture, way of working, service-culture, teamspirit or set of values.

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A perfect icebreaker on the job, on the course, at the kick-off, at the dinner table or at home with friends and family.

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Motivate your team to the JOY OF MEETINGS. You have the joy of meetings when you become better from the meetings while looking forward to the upcoming meetings. For the same reason you will tell several colleagues about the regular meetings you attend and refer to them in promising and positive terms.

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Prevent your team to die from boredom at your meetings. Stay ahead of tomorrow's meetings and get better in planning your meeting.

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