How lively are your meeting attendees

Use pictures for dialogue when you want more out of your meetings on the job. The images will help with change, behaviour, teamwork and creativity. When the individual chooses an image the conversations will get more nuanced. And then it also becomes easier to find all the right words. In a short time it all becomes meaningful, vibrant, creative and frisky.

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Delegates tongues are loosened: Dialoogle is totally free of text. Only pictures, that inspire your delegates to talk. There are many different ways of playing the Dialoogle Game. Your participants can choose cards, swop cards, mix cards and receive cards.

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'Visual Innovation' is a fun, inspirational and effective shortcut to unique results in small and large organizations. With Visual Innovation concept of innovation is transformed from elusive wishful thinking to simple and creative processes that bring creativity into play and can lead to everything from small valuable improvements to large achievements.

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Make everyone talk. Offer your audience pictures and alow them to talk.

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Become a good leader in a jiffy: Use this game's 75 components of leadership combined with 40 leader picture cards included.

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Hvor mange nye tanker får du om dagen, som kan hjælpe dig og dine kolleger? Har du modet til at fortælle om det du tænker? Hvordan oplever du, at de lytter til dig?

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