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Break the ice with pick a picture  

101 picture cards in size mini (11.4 cm × 16.2 cm) delivered in a robust plastic box with an inspirational folder. When ordering pick a picture, you will also receive a pdf in your mailbox with more inspiration.

Who can use picture cards?
Whether you are a teacher, coach, consultant, project manager, psychologist, workshop responsible, or something completely different, you will find more values by using pick a picture. They:

Makes it much more easy to put words on the actual case.
Are suitable to spread out on the meeting table.
Energize the meeting with fresh new input.
Contain no language or letters. They will be understood by everyone.

Selected photos
The people behind pick a picture have carefully selected each and every photo. The selected subjects range widely and are good starting points for developing talks, courses, workshops and collaborative processes. The picturecards embody our basic emotions such as joy, anger and grief. They show the typical contradictions that make it easy to create new and different ideas from. Picture cards consists of colors, shapes, people and objects that provide approaches to new ways of seeing the outside world. The motifs are all open to different interpretations and they provide inspiration to understand the challenges and ideas to solve them. And then there are further room for surprise, humor and a twinkle in the eye.

pick a picture can be used at the beginning of your meeting, during the process or as an energetic conclusion.

Methods for your inspiration:

Icebreaker: What makes you happy?
Ask participants to choose a card that makes them happy.
Ask participants to join in pairs and talk about what makes them happy.
Ask participants to approach another pair. Now A will tell the new couple what makes B happy.
Continue until all four have talked about what makes their partner happy.
Round up to find correlations between what makes you happy eg sincere recognition and strong relationships.

Evaluation: What was the best you heard?
Ask all participants to choose a card that shows the best they have heard in the lecture or the course. Tell about it in groups of 3 and about what was that good. Explain in the large group what you talked about in pairs.


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