Picture Game: Pick a picture MINI and MAXI

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Speak up with 'pick a picture'

Order 101 picture cards in size max (14,8 cm × 21,0 cm) delivered in a robust plastic box with an inspirational folder. When ordering pick a picture, you will also receive a pdf with playing methods in your mailbox.

Who can use picture cards?
Whether you are a teacher, a coach, a consultant, a project manager, a psychologist or something completely different you will find many benefits using pick a picture.

The people behind pick a picture have carefully selected each and every photo. The selected subjects range widely and are a good starting points for developing talks, courses, workshops and collaborative processes.

With the picture cards everyone will be able to embody basic emotions such as joy, anger and grief. They show typical contradictions that make it easy to create new and different ideas from.

The picture cards contain colors, shapes, people and objects that provide approaches to new ways of seeing the outside world. The motifs are all open to different interpretations and they provide inspiration to understand the challenges and ideas to solve them. And then there is further room for surprise, humor and a twinkle in the eye.

This is nothing but a perfect start of any meeting.

Methods to be used:

The leader gives a speech
Select 5 cards and follow the pictures while you speak. You may display the photos you have selected.
Speak about your vision for the department or company with the first card in your hand.
Speak about the strengths and skills that you experience among employees with the second card in your hand.
Speak about the main reasons for reaching your goals.
Speak about how you wish that everyone should help each other.
Speak about how you will be the best leader for the employees.

The team is at stake
Ask participants to each choose one card that shows how they want to collaborate with colleagues. Ask them to pair up. Ask them to tell each other about the picture and to identify the relationship that exist between the two cards. Ask the pairs to get together in groups of four. Now both pairs can share what they discovered. Ask the groups to share their discoveries in the big group.


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