PLAYBOX is designed for fun meetings

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Designed for fun meetings and a better atmosphere

PLAYBOX contains nine categories, all of which can be used individually or combined according to the length of your meeting and its content. Get discounts DKK 990 when you purchase 3 boxes (price per PLAYBOX is DKK 1.665 excl. VAT).

When you receive the PLAYBOX, you will also receive suggestions for getting started with the box.

Before the meeting - presentation and networking.
During the meeting - with a focus on time, decisions or a creative break.
After the meeting - good energy and atmosphere.

Get started easily
Select an item on your agenda that can penetrate to a refreshing approach. You choose the tool from the PLAYBOX that suits you the best.

Hand over PLAYBOX to 2 of your coworkers who you invite to choose how and when they want to bring the tools on the agenda. 

In groups of 3 give each group a tool that they are allowed to bring into play on the next meeting. The groups choose how the tool should be used at the meeting.

Download the E-book 'LESS TALK MORE PLAY' here

By Dr. Samuel West, Lund University

Fun and games on the job increases creativity, providing good atmosphere and energy!
Those who play and have fun, perform no worse and no less effective than others. It is actually quite the opposite! Playing means we temporarily let go of control and feel a little more free. I have in my many trials experienced time and time again that it takes a little courage to start with, but just to focus on results and efficiency, leads nowhere. In order to adapt to future employees, one needs a playful approach.

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