Roll the dice and Kick the Morale

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Kick the morale

Morale Poster in danish with a 12-sided die. Poster size: 50 x 70 cm.

Invite your colleagues to roll the dice
This poster contains 12 fun and simple tasks that in different ways will create job joy on an ordinary working day.

Method 1: Mouint the poster in a visible spot. Every employee chooses a day of the week, where they will throw the dice and play with the task.

Method 2: Start the day by rolling the dice and receive a job assignment. Discover how job satisfaction is spreading.

Method 3: Roll the dice at a meeting and develop 5 different ways to solve the job decided by the dice. Write down your ideas on post-it and keep them next to the poster. Try out the ideas next time a colleague lands on that spot.


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Producenten bag værktøjet 20/12/2011

Patricia Kjerulf fra Projekt Arbejdsglæde siger: "Slå et slag for arbejdsglæden er en hjælp til på en sjov og enkel måde at inddrage hele afdelinger til at gøre noget godt for hinanden, og dermed "slå et slag" for arbejdsglæden".

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