The FISH! STICKS poster

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Mount the FISH! STICKS poster on the wall

FISH! STICKS poster: It's joyful, it's handsome, it's inspirering. It includes these three practices:

• Find IT 
• Live IT
• Coach IT
Find the vision
Fish shop manager Johnny Yokoyama, says: 'When you have taken a stand, the right actions pops up. Invite your employees into the vision. It is only through your invitation it becomes clear what the vision means to the individual.
Live the vision
The company vision is just words, unless the employee takes his part. The individual puts the vision into action with the help of the four FISH! principles approach: BE THERE, PLAY, MAKE THEIR DAY and CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE.

Coach the vision
It is everyone's responsibility to help each other to maintain the vision. To help each other in difficult and new situations. How will you be helped by a colleague and when?


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