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Visible proof of genuine satisfaction

Set HappyOrNot in your customer area. So customers can easily evaluate their service experience and click a smiley button. It is simple, informal and fun for customers to provide feedback. At the same time, they contribute to daily and relevant feedback.

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Receive quick feedback
Ongoing feedback encourages employees and helps them to maintain a high level of service and therefore high customer satisfaction. Management may follow when the company's promise of good service are met in all departments.

The effect of HappyOrNot

For customers
Provides a clear signal that your company cares about its customers. This increases confidence and loyalty. Customers are happier when they have the opportunity to express their opinion - even when the service experience has been extraordinarily good. The presence of HappyOrNot shows customers that your business is concerned with ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction.

For employees
Booster morale of the team and provide joint success.
Making the job more satisfying with ongoing feedback.
Easy to see when and where customers need 'help'.
Enables an effective response from regional units and teams from the rapid feedback.

For business management
An easy, efficient and professional way to collect customer data on a daily basis.
A dew-fresh overview of customer satisfaction.
HappyOrNot assist in implementing the measurable customer-oriented and to ensure a high success rate.
One method to ensure that the customers which it promises are kept.
One method that increases the local accountability, as HappyOrNot works as a tool for the daily, local management.

Give your feedback to Happy Or Not

HappyOrNot generate value in
grocery stores
Private and public hospitals and pharmacies
Restaurants and cafes
Fitness chains
Furniture, furnishings and electronics stores
Banks and insurance companies
transport nodes
Hotels and experience industries
Fashion, beauty and luxury products

HappyOrNot also have great experience from abroad and can collect reports across borders!

appyOrNot pharmacist
Pharmacy chain DocMorris sets HappyOrNot in all departments in Sweden

'It is very important to us that we take care of our customers in a friendly, competent and professional manner every single day. HappyOrNot is easy to use both for our customers and ourselves. In this way, we get direct feedback from customers about how good we are. We can immediately see how satisfied our customers are with us at every pharmacy. We can also see feedback from different parts of the country and totals for all units. It allows us to act quickly both locally and generally, when something has needfor to be adjusted. 'Says DocMorris operations manager Camilla Giske.

DocMorris has 76 pharmacies spread throughout Sweden, and the number is growing rapidly. DocMorris pharmacies owned by Celesio Group which operates in 18 countries.

HappyOrNot in the air
Heathrow and Newcastle international airports in England and the airport of Lyon in France using HappyOrNot.
HappyOrNot monitoring of customer satisfaction and service improvement is 'country' in several international airports to help the local operators, at the same time, to improve efficiency and raise brand image and service experience.

PS - which came straight from the smiley?
Smiley is a stylized icon of a smiley face, created by the journalist pleading setting. He found the smiley face in the early 1970s, but was never taken out a patent on the invention. But he said he does not regret it. His invention consists of a yellow circle with a pair of eyes and a smiling mouth. Smiley is often used as a generic term for any emoticon.

HappyOrNot terminal measuring 139.5 cm from the floor plate to the top of question-plate. The terminal legs measuring 99 cm. From the base to the Smiley keys are 103 cm.

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