FISH! attitude is everything

The FISH! book can be ordered in english and in danish language. Authors Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen. 101 pages.

A practical guide
The book is a practical guide, which helps you to understand the importance of creating a workplace where there is room for joy and energy. The book is full of workplace examples. Let the examples help you. Handout one copy of the book to every employee and start your conversations out of it.

When you order this book you will also receive the FISH! book study guide. This guide contains all the great questions for you about your views on FISH! in your life and your work.

The book was our new beginning
'FISH! was the start for us to use FISH! I did not read for long before I thought that this was something that could make a difference to us. Subsequently, all my employees read the book. We often talk about the 4 practices described in the book and we still find new ideas on how they can help us. We are experiencing more joy in everyday life. It's easier to create a good atmosphere, while work is carried out and in spite of the challenges of everyday life. In fact, my job as a leader also has become easier.'
Erik Christoffersen, Assembly Manager, Qubiqa.

The book is a catch
'This is an angler story that does not overdo it. It will change your habits and you will enjoy your work and life even more. Dive into the story. It is something of a catch.'
Spencer Johnson, M.D., author of the book "Who Moved My Cheese? ' and co-author of 'The One Minute Manager'.

Let the book circulate
FISH! can be circulated in your section. You can also handout one copy to every employee. If you are using FISH! film and has translated the philosophy of your daily life, the book is valuable for new employees. Use the book to create a new dialog for example, in the lunchroom, at the meeting or before you start a project, or because you want more energy and well-being. Everyone has their favorite sections or quote. Which side of the book is your favorite part?


FISH! the book in english

FISH! book: Create or recreate the culture you wish to have in your organisation with extraordinary inspiration from The FISH! Philosophy.  Attitude is everything. A proven way to boost morale and improve results.

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FISH! book in danish language. Catch the energy and release the potential.
FISH! book in english language. Catch the energy and release the potential.
English version
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Ditte Løssl 26/08/2011

Jeg har læst Fish! bogen med stort velbehag. Og til stor glæde og inspiration. Min mand lige så. En fantastisk dejlig bog holdt i et letlæseligt sprog, der er lige til at forstå og man skal ikke sidde og gruble for at forstå budskabet. Og så bliver man rigtig glad af at læse den, jeg gjorde i hvert fald. Selvom den var hurtigt slugt og let at forstå, vil jeg glæde mig til at genlæse den, for at få det bedre ind under huden.

en kunde 30/08/2011

\'FISH! bogen blev begyndelsen for vores måde, at bruge FISH! på. Jeg havde ikke læst langt i bogen før jeg tænkte, at her var noget, som kunne gøre en forskel hos os. Efterfølgende har alle mine medarbejdere læst bogen. Vi taler ofte om de 4 retningslinier, der beskrives i bogen og finder stadig nye bud på, hvordan de kan hjælpe os. Vi oplever en større glæde i hverdagen. Det er nemmere, at skabe en god stemning, mens arbejdet udføres og på trods af hverdagens udfordringer. Faktisk er mit job som leder også blevet nemmere.\' Erik Christoffersen, Montagechef, Qubiqa.

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