Try a training course, not too ordinary

We work from the inside and out. This means that you will be involved, no matter the headline. Every individual has to relate to the overall meaning and value. After this everyone will spot new options and will be able to agree new actions.

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Eradicate unengagement: Learn to throw the 7 boomerangs and get commitment in return. Leadership training 4 days.

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Learn to stay ahead of conflicts in a 3 hours workshop: Order this course and we will contact you and reconcile the final program and date. Learn to define a conflict and how it can be avoided?

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You and your management team, your HR staff or your meeting planners are invited for a free trial. Try out a variety of communication tools - in a conference room near you.

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What is the best about your teamwork and what would you like to develop? Through a series of different conversations everybody comes around the topic. You will bring the answers to what is at stake, what help is needed and how you can adjust and develop your teamwork.

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( DKK 15.180,00 )
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Use FISH! for your own behavior, the team behavior and in your training technique, it is on this training course that you get shoals of tips and ideas on how to go about it.

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Every employee wants to be part of a successful business. Who wants to join a failure? As part of a success pride, importance, meaning, hope and faith will emerge. Do you want this as a leader?

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Sign up for this training course, where you will be prepared for your internal meetings. We put 7 headlines on the course agenda, which makes you the meeting champion FOR your team.

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