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Book an active and free Café Meeting

The Café meeting will last 60 minutes.The purpose of the meeting is that you and your team gets a FREE testride of a selection of communication tools and methods that you order for your in-house training.

You and your management team, your HR staff or your meeting planners can choose a number of communication games. One of our facilitator experts will show up at your facilities at a convenient date and time.

Together we will can arrange a 'headline' and a 'topic' that is appropriate to you.

Agenda of The Café Meeting
The background and the topic is presented.
The participants introduce themselves with a tool.
We put more words into the topic.
What the topic offers.
What surprised us the most?
What does this type of internal communication do to the meeting and to the participant?
Participants appreciate, acknowledge and praise each other.
The meeting ends.

Put this Café Meeting in the basket
Please add this product to your basket. First we will have a conversation. We need to balance the expectations and to clarify your needs. Call us by phone +45 28559579 or via CONTACT.

Important: Outside of Copenhagen we must charge you transportation costs according to rates.


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