How about 1 or 30 billion FREE different FISH! workshops?

(this sounds a bit corny - like another cheap internet idea. But this one is OK. And it is FREE. You will receive no invoice, but you will receive a pdf in your mail-box.)

Order your own cookbook NOW!

If you have access to the FISH! film, this cookbook contains proven ways to present it to your team.

Use one or more of these 30 billion+ workshops if you wish:

  • A new culture in quite a short time.
  • Passion: How everyone throws themselves into their job.
  • A new set of values: My job. Your job. Our job.
  • Everyone to be there for your clients.
  • A new ‘lets help each other’ spirit.
  • To highlight why your team exists.
  • To introduce PLAY in your culture.
  • To introduce a new MAKE MONEY and HAVE FUN culture 50:50.
  • To teach leaders to see, that happy employees are valuable employees.
  • To introduce everyone to each other to get to know each other better.
  • How you show up at work and in life.

Combine the ingredients from this cookbook in the order you prefer and succeed every time you present FISH! to a group.

Infinite FISH! Workshop Cookbook design by Mette Berner and Michael Meinhardt, moving YOU motivation, Denmark, 2015.


The Infinite FISH! Workshop Cookbook

Create a strong company culture: Exclusively to every FISH! film owner: The FISH! film is like a deck of cards with an infinite number of 'playing' methods. Here is a free booklet containing 30 billion different workshops.

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