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Le og lær med John Cleese: The balance sheet barrier

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The aim of this business finance training video
To explain the three main financial documents (a cash-flow forecast, profit and loss accounts, and of course the balance sheet) in plain English so any manager can understand them.


About this finance training video
This light-hearted remake of our world-famous programme will take the fear out of financial documents. We know finance may not be every manager’s favourite topic, so this video makes basic finance not only understandable, but enjoyable too.

The Balance Sheet Barrier is centred around two contrasting characters: Rita (Dawn French), a streetwise factory owner who watches the figures like a hawk, and Julian (John Cleese), a stuffy business director who pretends to know the financial side of a business, but really doesn’t.

Rita may work in a wooden shed in Brixton, but she is able to explain how money goes around a business, and how to track and measure by understanding financial documents, in everyday language.

Julian has previously been too embarrassed to admit his lack of financial knowledge, but he learns from Rita the difference between key financial documents, and how to use them to track where money is in a business.

If you have any Julians in your business who need to overcome the balance sheet barrier, this training video will teach them financial basics in plain English, with no financial jargon.

Featuring John Cleese and Dawn French, this training video will help managers grasp the basics of business finance and financial statements.

The key video outcomes
Understand how key financial statements are calculated and what they mean.
Learn about the significance of the balance sheet, profit and loss accounts and cash-flow forecasts.
This financial training video comes with:

Video (30 mins)
Course leader's guide
PowerPoint slides

A Video Arts production featuring Dawn French and John Cleese. Release date: 2013
For more information on how to use this finance video in training, watch our webinar, Overcoming the Balance Sheet Barrier.

Language options
English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Asian...ask us about other language options.

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